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Rated: 3 out of 5
by BreastOptions.com

Feminique is a breast enlargement pill that seems to have been around a little longer than the other formulas we've reviewed. The product is a blend of 13 herbals and botanicals - many of them proven, and many of them found in other breast enlargement formulations. We thought that the Feminique formula was potentially one of the most effective. Unfortunately, the results we saw did not live up to our expectations.

Feminique capsules come in a bottle of 90 total capsules, a 30-day supply.

Feminique: effective ingredients

Feminique contains a blend of 13 different botanicals. These include the proven wild yam along with fenugreek, saw palmetto and damiana. The formula seems to be a good one, but it did not prove as effective as the Perfect Curves or Breast Success formulas. Perhaps this has to do with dosage, or with the source of the herbs.

The source of an herb or botanical is nearly as important as the herb itself. Botanicals that come from some parts of the world or even from some distributors simply have a lower quantity of active ingredients than others. It's possible that some of Feminique's suppliers are behind the product's lack of effectiveness.

How to use Feminique

Three Feminique capsules are to be taken daily. Interestingly, the manufacturers of Feminique make no recommendation regarding the avoidance of caffeine or carbonated beverages while taking their product. Perhaps this is part of the lack of results seen by our testers.

Feminique results: our evaluation

Feminique simply didn't produce the same kind of results seen in the more highly rated products. We thought that the Feminique formula was a good one, but unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations.

How does Feminique compare?

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