Breast enlargement cream and gel

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Breast enlargement creams can provide additional gains when paired with breast enlargement pills. The principles behind breast enlargement creams are similar: they deliver plant-based estrogen-like compounds to the breasts, thus stimulating the estrogen receptor sites in the mammary glands to produce additional breast tissue.

Because the ingredients are topically delivered, they can be more "targeted" than a pill, which by definition has to be digested and circulated through the entire body before taking effect.

Additional ingredients may be added to breast enlargement cream to improve circulation. L-arginine (found in FemShape breast enlargement gel) has been shown to boost circulation by stimulating the body's production of nitric oxide. Interesting bit of trivia: the scientist who discovered the connection between L-arginine, nitric oxide and circulation won the Nobel Prize. Another circulation booster, Siberian ginseng, is sometimes found in these creams.

Breast enhancement creams can also help to tone the skin of the breasts, making them smoother, tighter and even lifting them slightly. So look for such familiar skin care ingredients as aloe vera, almond oil and safflower oil in breast enlargement creams.

Can I use breast enlargement creams alone?

Breast enlargement creams are not meant to be used alone. By themselves, they cannot deliver anything like sufficient quantities of active ingredients to the body that a pill can. Topical delivery systems have the benefit of being more targeted, but the drawback is that the volume of active ingredient delivery just isn't comparable.

If you choose to use breast enlargement creams alone, you can expect a toning and tightening of the breasts. You may also experience small amounts of breast tissue growth but nothing like the volume you could expect if using a cream paired with a breast enlargement pill.