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Rated: 3 out of 5

Breast Success is a widely-marketed breast enlargement pill. Breast Success is an herbal formula containing some of the same ingredients as Perfect Curves. The product has a strong presence online and a very active affiliate program which has spawned countless reseller websites, some good and some bad.

Breast Success capsules come in a bottle of 90 total capsules, a 30-day supply.

Breast Success : effective ingredients

Breast Success contains some herbal compounds which are widely regarded as beneficial to female health, including saw palmetto and wild yam. These are commonly used by naturopaths and herbalists to help balance the female hormones.

Breast Success also contains hops flower. Hops are plants related to a certain illegal herb, rich in flavinoids and in chemical compounds that have a soporific effect on the nervous system. We theorize that hops flower is added to Breast Success for its calming effect on the nerves -- but some of our testers found that Breast Success made them feel slightly sleepy and dopey.

How to use Breast Success

Breast Success capsules are taken once per day in a dosage of three capsules. The manufacturers recommend that once women have reached the size they are happy with, they continue to a "maintenance dosage" of the product. This is unusual among the products we reviewed and we speculate that this is a sales tactic rather than a truly necessary step.

Breast Success Results: our evaluation

Breast Success results demonstrated a reasonably effective formulation. Our testers experienced breast enlargement and some tightening and firming of the breasts, though not the same surprising effects enjoyed by those who tested Perfect Curves. We believe that Breast Success would be more successful if combined with a wild yam cream.

How does Breast Success compare?

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