Intimacy Tips

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We wouldn't be the first to observe that men and women are different. Since men and women look at intimacy in different ways, we want to offer you intimacy tips from a male perspective. Hopefully, this advice will help you to glimpse the inner workings of the male mind - such as they are.

Remember that men and women don't always find the same things romantic. So keep an open mind.

Providing the right atmosphere

Here's a perfect example of the differences between the way men and women think. Women generally try to create an intimate atmosphere that overwhelms the senses - incense, flickering candlelight, romantic music, scented oil, massage. Men tend to focus all attention on a single thing at a time (generally, their partner). The rich sensual environment most women create for their special intimate encounters can be bewildering to men.

Keep that in mind when you're setting up the atmosphere. Your man will only want to focus on one thing: you. So dress appropriately, the more revealing the better. Style your hair and put on a little makeup, too. He will notice. A little perfume doesn't hurt, but not so much that it can be smelled before he's biting your neck. Don't expect him to say anything except maybe, "You look great." But at least he means it.

Men are most stimulated visually, so try leaving a light on, even if it's turned down low. If you're too shy to try this, light a single candle and leave some of your clothing on during the entire intimate encounter. That combination is sure to heat things up.

To tease or not to tease?

Most women love to be teased. Teasing enhances sensations, heightens the experience, and draws out the entire intimate experience.

Men, on the other hand, usually get frustrated by teasing. Men just don't have the same desire for start-and-stop stimulation. They're more direct. So, teasing your man should be done with caution. A fair amount is good to make the moment that much more intense but be prepared for him to just grab you or ask you to continue whatever it is that you're stopping and starting.

The ultimate act of intimacy

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