Shapely Bust Review

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Since a woman's breasts are such a huge part of her self image, having mediocre breasts can make a woman feel incredibly self-conscious and unhappy. Therefore, it's not surprising at all that so many products are available that claim to firm up breasts and make them more attractive. Shapely Bust is just one of many products that claims to improve a woman's breasts - but that doesn't provide very impressive results.

Although Shapely Bust is available in a two part system, it simply doesn't enhance a woman's bust to any appreciable - or noticeable - degree. Instead, women who use Shapely Bust are likely to spend a lot of money and ultimately end up being quite disappointed.

What Is Shapely Bust?

Shapely Bust is a two part topical treatment system that claims to firm up and increase the size of a woman's breasts. The first part of the Shapely Bust system is a gel which is marketed as firming up sagging breasts. A woman's breasts often begin sagging naturally as she gets older; they may also sag more noticeably after having children and breastfeeding babies as well.

The cream portion of the Shapely Bust regimen claims to build up the collagen in the skin that makes up a woman's breast tissue, making it more prominent and giving the breasts the appearance of being fuller and more impressive. Unfortunately, even women who apply the two parts of the Shapely Bust system as directed are likely to be disappointed, as the promised benefits fail to materialize - and their breasts remain small and sagging.

Shapely Bust Ingredients

Shapely Bust's collagen building cream - which is supposed to be applied daily directly to the breasts - contains hydrolyzed elastin (to make the breast's skin more elastic and less prone to sagging) and lecithin (which is a fatty ingredient that is supposed to make the skin more supple and pronounced). Shapely Bust cream also contains grape seed extract, known to promote healthy circulation and with dubious breast enhancing qualities. Otherwise, the ingredients listed in Shapely Bust's composition are largely filler and provide no proven breast enhancing qualities.

Shapely Bust's breast firming gel also contains grape seed extract, which doesn't make sense if a person wants to reduce sagging in their breasts. The gel also contains chicory root extract, which is often used as an anti-inflammatory. Most of the other ingredients listed for Shapely Bust gel have no obvious benefits for preventing or reducing sagging in a woman's breasts, and seem to primarily be used as inactive "filler' ingredients.

Shapely Bust Cost

The makers of Shapely Bust are not very forthcoming about how much their product actually costs. A two week free trial can be ordered, but approximately eight dollars is charged for shipping and handling. It appears that an actual price for a regular supply of Shapely Bust remains hidden from customers until they receive their free trial of the product. This is quite an unusual tactic and calls into question the benefits of this product. As a manufacturer, the makers of the Shapely Bust system should clearly list how much their product typically costs customers.

There doesn't appear to be any definitive price list for Shapely Bust anywhere on the Internet - a fact that raises a lot of red flags.

Does Shapely Bust Work?

For women who are anxious to enhance their breast size and reduce or reverse the damages causing by sagging breasts, Shapely Bust sounds like a promising product. Unfortunately, however, the dual approach taken by Shapely Bust provides no true benefits in terms of increasing the size of a woman's breasts.

Despite using the product as directed, women will not notice any appreciable change in the size of their breasts when using Shapely Bust. They will merely be out of an undetermined amount of money, and will have wasted a great deal of their time on a produce that just doesn't work. There are many other, more effective breast enhancement products on the market today, check out the product chart to see which breast enhancement most women found effective.