Confident Curves Breast Enlargement Pills Reviews

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Confident Curves is a breast enlargement formula manufactured and marketed by Herbal Medicure Solutions. According to this company's promotional literature, their herbal formulas are based on traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist principles. Interestingly enough, this different point of view produces a breast enlargement formula nearly identical to many others.

Confident Curves costs $49.95 for a one-month supply of 90 capsules.

Confident Curves: effective ingredients

Confident Curves breast enlargement pills contain a blend of the following herbs: dang gui (Radix angelicae sinesis), saw palmetto, damiana, blessed thistle, fenugreek, wild yam and fennel seed.

The name dang gui might be unfamiliar to you - but it is also known as angelica or wild angelica. The makers of Confident Curves use Chinese angelica in their breast enlargement formula.

The Confident Curves website contains some interesting information like the following: Confident Curves directs vital Qi downward and relieves toxins and stagnant Qi. But what does this have to do with breast enlargement?

Additionally, the Confident Curves formula is said to be based on "an ancient concoction called Shen Gu." This is interesting, because, if it is true, it seems as though nearly every breast enlargement formula, and not just Confident Curves, is based on the same ancient formula.

How to use Confident Curves

Three Confident Curves capsules are to be taken daily, either in the morning or in the evening. Each bottle contains a 1-month supply of capsules.

Confident Curves' manufacturers claim noticeable results are possible within two weeks, and maximum results are seen after nine months' use.

Confident Curves results: our evaluation

Confident Curves has an interesting story to tell, but ultimately does not really distinguish itself from the many other breast enlargement pills. Confident Curves could benefit from adding a topical element to their system. Perhaps the reason that maximum results are only seen after 9 months' use is because only 3 capsules are to be taken per day? Some other breast enlargement pills recommend a dosage of 8 capsules per day.

How does Confident Curves compare?

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