Breast Implants - Going under the knife

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The benefits of breast augmentation surgery, or getting breast implants, are fairly well known. More and more American women are turning to this method of breast enhancement. Despite some disastrous missteps, breast implants are safer than ever before.

But how safe are they, really?

In this article we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of breast implants.

Breast implants: the plus side

Breast implants for breast augmentation is by far the most dramatic and effective way to get bigger breasts. There's absolutely no other way to create the same kind of dramatic changes that breast implants can make. A woman can go from an AA to a C cup within a few hours. And the latest generation of implants feel even more natural than ever before. Surgeons are able to employ techniques that leave very small scars.

There are alternatives that are less expensive, but are also less immediate and less dramatic, including: breast enlargement pills, breast enlargement creams, breast enlargement exercises and breast pumps.

That's probably why so many women turn to this method. Instant gratification and dramatic results.

The darker side of breast implants

Nearly everyone has heard one or more horror stories about breast implants rupturing, or shifting, or somehow going wrong. The truth is, inserting breast implants is major surgery and should be treated as such. Here are a few of the more common ways in which breast augmentation surgery can go wrong:

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is extremely safe. Twilight or full anesthesia are riskier. Every year, Americans die from mistakes made by anesthetists. Although anesthetists are highly trained professionals, mistakes can still be made.

Infection: Infection is a risk of any surgery, no matter how minor. An infection during breast implant surgery would almost certainly necessitate the immediate removal of the implant.

Recovery time: You will not be able to resume your normal activities for some time after surgery. Even after you are up and around, you will need to wear specially padded bras and take painkillers to reduce the pain and discomfort of the breast implants.

Rupturing implants: For the rest of your life, there is a risk, however small, that the breast implants will rupture. This would be a medical emergency, potentially life-threatening.

Difficulty of mammography: Breast implants make mammography, and therefore detection of breast abnormalities and tumors, more difficult. The level of difficulty is decreased if you opt for a submuscular breast implant.

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Final analysis of breast implants

Despite the fact that there are many dangers and risks associated with breast implants, they are still a viable tool for breast augmentation. We strongly believe that breast implants should be a final resort. If you have done everything else you can for perfect female breasts and still want changes, then it's time to consider breast implants.

But not before.

Learn more: read the FDA handbook about breast implants.