What's the deal with breast enlargement pills?

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Breast enlargement pills are often viewed with skepticism if not outright suspicion. Just about any product that promises something for nothing can't possibly be on the up and up, can it?

For the most part, we thought the same thing. It's easy to be suspicious of the promises made by manufacturers of breast enlargement pills. So we set out to discover whether or not they worked - and if some breast enlargement pills really worked, how did they do it?

How breast enlargement pills work

As we all know, most women's breast size changes throughout her monthly cycle. This is caused by variations in levels of hormones in the body. These variations in size can be quite significant.

Breast enlargement pills work by substituting plant-based estrogen-like compounds for the body's natural estrogens. The breast has estrogen-receptor sites, which, when activated, create new breast tissue. These estrogens reactivate the mammary glands, prompting them to product new breast tissue. This process occurs naturally during puberty, but sometimes toxic chemicals and pollutants can mimic estrogen and actually block these receptor sites, leading to diminished tissue growth.

Because differences in body chemistry can influence the speed and amount of change, most women don't begin to experience results until 5-8 weeks have passed.

The estrogen-like compounds found in breast enlargement pills are mild and natural - therefore, they are no replacement for hormone replacement therapy, which has much faster and more profound effects (and unfortunately, equally profound side effects).

Effectiveness of breast enlargement pills

In early 2002, 500 women were given a 6-month supply of breast enlargement pills and asked to report on the results. To our surprise, over 70% of the women reported positive results. And one brand of breast enlargement pills stood out head and shoulders over the rest - Perfect Curves.

Manufactured by Herbal Research, this formula, though somewhat similar to competing products, produced the highest rate (94%) of success as well as the largest overall gains (1.7 cup sizes on average).

Needless to say, these results came as quite a surprise. If breast enlargement pills were more widely accepted and mainstream, it is very possible that many women would not feel the need to undergo costly, complex and dangerous breast implant surgery.

Based on our findings, we believe that the effectiveness of breast enlargement pills is real and deserves serious consideration for any woman seeking perfect female breasts.