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As a topical cream rather than a supplement, Benefil takes a different approach to breast enhancement than most of the other products in this market. Rather than focusing on herbal supplements with estrogen-like effects that stimulate the growth of breast tissue, Benefil's ingredients promise to help stimulate collagen growth and strengthen the connective tissue in the breasts, making the breasts appear fuller and smoother. Benefil also promises to help the skin tissue achieve optimal health, and to promote cellular regeneration.

Benefil results

Benefil's website specifically states that its product does not cause growth in the breasts, but merely the “appearance” of growth. Increasing the health of connective tissue in the breasts and stimulating the growth of collagen enhance the firmness of the breast tissue, but don't actually produce new breast tissue or cause the breasts to become larger. Still, the testimonials on the site claim increases in cup size and tighter clothing, making it difficult to tell exactly what Benefil claims to be able to do. Does it truly increase the size of the breasts, or just change the tone of the tissue supporting the breasts? Given just the information on the website, it's hard to say.

Benefil ingredients


The ingredients in Benefil are markedly different from those in other leading breast enhancement supplements and creams. Extracts of Kelp and Wild Yam are the only ingredients that will look familiar to anyone who's done comparison shopping with these kinds of products. Other ingredients in Benefil include caffeine, often used in cellulite creams to tighten and tone the body, Green Tea and Ginseng extracts, and a variety of vitamins. Other ingredients such as emulsifying wax and cetyl alcohol, look as if they could simply be fillers.

Benefil cost

One container of Benefil costs $44.95. The size of the container isn't specifically state on the website, but it appears to be slightly less than two ounces. There's also no indication as to how long this amount of product is likely to last. Benefil offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and reduced prices on bulk purchases.

Does Benefil work?

Though Benefil takes a very different approach to breast enhancement than other products, it has its share of positive testimonials and satisfied customers. With the uncertainty of how long one purchase will last, though, it's hard to say if its price is in the same ballpark as other breast enhancement creams and supplements. Its money-back guarantee is shorter than that offered by some other companies, as well. Overall, if you're looking for a high-quality, top-rated breast enhancement product, a product like Perfect Curves is likely to be a better choice.

How does Benefil compare?

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