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Disappointed by Feminique

Roxanne T., Anchorage, AK

My cup size did not increase: to

I was greatly disappointed by this product. I chose Feminique to try because it has been around a bit longer than some of the other breast enhancement formulas, and I thought that it would give great results. My breasts didn't grow at all and I used Feminique for four months. I really wanted to increase my chest from an A cup to a B cup, but that didn't happen. I'll do my research before choosing another product.

Not effective at all

Betsy P., Durango, CO

My cup size did not increase: to

When reading the advertisements for Feminique, I was excited because it seemed like the pills were very effective in increasing breast size naturally. I've never wanted to have surgery but would really like my 34B breasts to be a bit larger and firmer. I gave Feminique a good try before I realized that it just wasn't going to work. I took the pills three times a day for six months, and aside from a small improvement in the tone of my skin, nothing changed. The ads for Feminique are really misleading.

Minimal results, but not worth it overall

Celia R., Daytona Beach, FL

My cup size increased from: to

Feminique is not by any means the best product on the market for breast enlargement. I was hoping to increase my cup size from an A to a C, but after using Feminique for months I was just barely a B. The pills did produce some positive results, but it wasn't until I switched to Perfect Curves that I reached my C cup goal. I would tell other women not to waste their money on Feminique because it's really just average. Perfect Curves has a much better value and it works a lot faster.

Feminique made my breasts firmer

Jacqueline D., Ashland, KY

My cup size increased from: to

I'm not really sure how well Feminique works in regard to increasing breast size, because I am already a D cup and just wanted to firm up my very saggy chest. I've only been using the product for three months but I can definitely see some changes in my breasts--they have more of a lift and shape to them now. My size has remained the same, which is fine with me because I didn't want my breasts to get any larger. Smaller-chested women may want to try another product if they're hoping for breast growth.

Switched to another product

Mary Jane W., Adrian, MI

My cup size did not increase: to

I hope other women have a better experience with Feminique--I didn't like it much at all. I initially tried the pills because the herbal ingredients appealed to me and it seemed to be a well established product on the market. Well, after using Feminique exactly the way I was supposed to for a few months, my breasts were still as tiny as they were before I started. I was really discouraged, and I've since switched to another breast enhancement product in the hopes that it will be more effective. Feminique was useless for my B cup chest and I wouldn't recommend it.