Brava Breast Enhancement System

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Brava is an FDA-licensed device that is used to enlarge the breasts through steady vacuum pressure. Because the Brava breast enhancement device is worn daily for 12 hours, the increase in breast size is slow but permanent - unlike the rapid and temporary increases of the standard breast enlargement pump.

Does Brava breast enhancement work?

The Brava breast enhancement system makes the use of a physiological process called "tissue expansion." This process is much easier to understand than it is to explain.

Basically, whenever cells are under pressure to expand, they multiply more rapidly and tissue volume increases. Think of the pictures you've seen of tribal peoples who insert pieces of wood into the lower lip, to expand the lip to startling lengths. Or think of ear plugs - starting with a small hole, steady pressure can gradually increase the size of the hole to absolutely amazing proportions.

By applying steady pressure to the breasts, the Brava device encourages breast tissue expansion. The breast enlargement process is slow, but Brava breast enhancement does work.

What are the benefits of the Brava system?

Brava Breast Enlargement DeviceThere are many benefits of using the Brava device for breast enlargement.

What are the drawbacks of using Brava for breast enlargement?

Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to the Brava system.

If you're interested in trying Brava to meet your breast enlargement goals, talk to your doctor. But keep in mind there are other non-surgical options such as breast enlargement pills.

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