Perfect Curves Breast Enlargement System

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Perfect Curves is a breast enlargement system that consists of a combination of an herbal capsule and a wild yam-based cream. The manufacturers of the Perfect Curves system claim that their herbal formulation helps to naturally balance the hormones in a woman's body, effectively allowing the body to create new breast tissue.

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Perfect Curves capsules come in a bottle of 240 total capsules, a 30-day supply. The gel is packaged in a 2-oz. jar. According to our information, the system is far more effective when the capsules and gel are used together. Women who combine the gel with the capsules see better results. Perfect Curves capsules and gels are available online for as little as $1.67/day when a six-month supply is ordered.

Perfect Curves: effective ingredients

Perfect Curves capsules contain several time-tested and proven ingredients. These include saw palmetto, red raspberry, passion flower and wild yam. All of these ingredients are considered by herbalists and naturopaths to be key in treating hormonal imbalance and eliminating both PMS and the physical side effects of menopause.

Indeed, several of our testers reported a diminishment or even complete loss of the symptoms of PMS.

Perfect Curves gel's primary active ingredient is wild yam. Wild yam has a phytochemical which is analogous to progesterone, and has the effects of progesterone without the risks associated with artificial hormones. Our testers reported a distinct firming and tightening of the skin to the areas where the gel was applied. (One tester used Perfect Curves gel on her behind and reported a firming and tightening effect.)

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Perfect Curves capsules are taken twice per day at mealtimes, in a dosage of four capsules. Water or fruit juice is recommended to help swallow the capsules. For best results, the manufacturers recommend that women refrain from caffeine and carbonated drinks while taking Perfect Curves. Our testers who avoided caffeine and carbonation, as recommended, saw much more successful results. Additionally, results are enhanced if 1000 mg of Vitamin C are added to this daily regimen. While it's true that 8 capsules per day are a lot to take, it's also true that Perfect Curves worked better than any other system we tested.

Perfect Curves gel is to be applied to the breasts, 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon total, twice per day. The gel is absorbed rapidly by the skin.

Perfect Curves results: our evaluation

This product by far produced the most noticeable difference among our volunteers. The combination of capsules and gel produced superior results to the use of either the gel or the capsules alone. Many of our testers declared their intention to keep using Perfect Curves even after the test period was over.

Because of the positive results coupled with a lack of negative side effects, Perfect Curves receives our highest recommendation. Learn more at

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Perfect Curves received the #1 product award among leading breast enlargement products! On the whole, Perfect Curves produces outstanding results at a reasonable price.

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