Breast-Rx Review

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If you’re not happy with the size, shape, or firmness of your breasts, the options seem to be limited. Exercise can help a bit, but really only affects the muscle beneath the breast, and not the breast itself. Many women resort to surgery, but breast augmentation is extremely expensive. It can also be dangerous, and sometimes the results don’t come out the way you want.

Fortunately, research into natural herbal supplements has led to another alternative, one that’s safe, effective, and literally thousands of dollars less than surgery. Herbal breast enhancement supplements like Breast-Rx, Perfect Curves, and others offer increased breast size and firmness in as little as a few months.

Breast-Rx results

Breast-Rx reports a number of happy customers, with increases in cup size and breast firmness beginning in a few weeks and continuing steadily to growth results of one to two cup sizes. Some report that results begin slowly, then accelerate. As with other breast enhancement products, some women report an easing of menopausal or PMS symptoms with use of Breast-Rx.

Breast-Rx dosage is similar to other, similar products, at three doses per day until you achieve the desired results. Afterward, results don’t diminish, and product use can be discontinued.

Breast-RxBreast-Rx ingredients

Breast-Rx contains the usual roundup of herbal supplements, including fenugreek and fennel, which have an estrogen-like effect on the body, promoting growth of breast tissue, and saw palmetto, which has been shown to help prevent atrophy of breast tissue. Along with other extracts that help support the female reproductive system, these supplements provide a safe and natural alternative to surgical breast enhancement.

Breast-Rx cost

You can buy Breast-Rx for about $50 per bottle, but the smallest quantity available is two bottles, requiring an initial investment of just over $100, considerably more than our top rated product. The purchase is referred to as a “subscription’, indicating that there might be an auto-renew option to look out for. Breast-Rx offers a money-back guarantee for one year if the product does not meet your expectations.

Does Breast-Rx work?

Breast-Rx lists itself as the number one breast enhancement on the market, though the wording of this claim is open to some interpretation, and there are no numbers presented to back it up. While Breast-Rx offers a good guarantee and a variety of positive testimonials, its “subscription” packages seem to maneuver the consumer into spending more than they otherwise might with another product, such as Perfect Curves. Perfect Curves also offers a breast enhancement cream to support and increase the effects of the herbal supplement, making it more effective overall than Breast-Rx.

How does Breast-Rx compare?

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