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Marketed as a natural breast enhancement program, Breast Actives is a newly discovered alternative for women who are looking for all natural formulas to increase their bust size.

The Breast Active program utilizes a three step methodology that is easy to follow and purportedly can produce real results. The beginner’s kit includes herbal pill supplements, a 100 percent natural breast enhancement cream and several exercise techniques.

Daily use of the supplement and cream in conjunction with the exercises can purportedly produce real results in an amazingly short period of time and for many women, these gains would be permanent.

As an added benefit, the supplement and cream are extremely safe, made with a holistic mixture of herbs and botanicals from ancient Asian and Shamanic societies that have trusted these ingredients for centuries. These refreshing herbal and botanical ingredients also have great homeopathic properties that can potentially be good for you.

In other words, with prolonged use, not only will you gain a cup size, you may even better your own health in the long run.

Breast Actives: Effective Ingredients

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  • Breast Actives Pills - The Breast Actives pills include Vitamin E and a number of herbal ingredients such as Fenugreek, Fennel, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion, Kelp, Watercress, and L-Tyrosine. This highly effective list of all natural components is only a small portion of what these supplements contain. Although largely natural, the Breast Active pills also have synthetic pharmaceutical ingredients and fillers. This can be true of most products, even organic ones. When in doubt, you can research any ingredients you feel unsure about prior to ingesting them.

  • Breast Actives Cream - The active ingredients in the Breast Actives Cream include Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Red Clover Extract, but they only appear in nominal amount of 10-percent and 0.5-percent, respectively. The cream also boasts a host of other ingredients which include purified water, oils, herbal extracts, and synthetics. They also include the ever controversial hyaluronic acid which came under fire for being linked to breast cancer, although the jury is still out on those findings. Adequate research can determine if any of the ingredients will affect you adversely.

How to Use Breast Actives

  • Breast Actives Pills - for the Breast active regimen to be effective, you must follow directions and take two pills with water daily.

  • Breast Actives Cream - Every morning, put a small amount on the tips of your fingers and massage thoroughly onto the breasts.

Breast Actives Results: Our Evaluation

The Breast Actives program seems to provide a good combination of solutions with its pills, cream, and exercise program. Also, as far as breast enhancement products go, this one seems as if it has the potential to provide some real results. Learn more at

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