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Fairly pleased with Breast Success

Jennifer S., Rochester, NY

My cup size increased from: to

I was fairly pleased with the results that I received from using Breast Success. My breasts did grow a cup size; I went from a 32A to a 32B. I was honestly hoping for a bit more growth, but I am glad that the product did make some improvement in my appearance. I'm not completely flat-chested anymore and I have received some compliments on my more feminine figure. I did find the product a bit expensive considering that I didn't experience the amount of growth that was promised in the advertisement.

Good product, but not the best

Kellie B., Gainesville, FL

My cup size increased from: to

Breast Success was the first breast enhancement product that I tried. I had a AA-cup chest size and was really insecure about how I looked. I used Breast Success for a few months, and managed to grow to an A cup, but I was expecting better results than that. My breasts did feel tighter after using the product, which was a positive development. Overall though, I had a much better experience with Perfect Curves, which increased my cup size to a C over a little less than a year's time.

Long delivery time

Cara W., Chantilly, VA

My cup size increased from: to

For some reason, it look a few weeks for my order of Breast Success pills to arrive. I was really looking forward to getting started with the program, and the long wait time was a bit frustrating. Breast Success did provide decent results when I was actually able to start using it. I was only looking to gain a cup size, and the formula accomplished that in just three months. I went from a 34B to a 34C, and I was happy to find that Breast Success does work.

Minor side effect from Breast Success

Patricia L., Anaheim, CA

My cup size increased from: to

For the most part, Breast Success was an effective product. My chest size increased from a very small B cup to a full C cup, which is great. The one thing that concerned me a bit when I first started using Breast Success is that I tended to feel drowsy at times. The sleepy feeling lessened after a few weeks, and after that everything was fine. I would recommend Breast Success because it did make my breasts larger and firmer although if other products work just as well without the drowsiness factor, that would be even better!

Value isn't great for the cost

Hilary M., Tempe, AZ

My cup size increased from: to

I won't be continuing with Breast Success in the future because the minimal results that I had were not worth what I paid for the product. My breasts didn't grow much at all; I started in a small B cup and ended up as a fuller B cup. I did like the way that my breasts seemed to lift and tighten while using Breast Success, but I primarily wanted a size increase that was noticeable. I'm going to look into using another enhancement product instead.