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Strengthens breast tissue, but won't make your chest larger

Tracie W., Allen Park, MI

My cup size did not increase: to

I ordered Benefil cream because my breast tissue had lost elasticity and was quite droopy and wrinkled. The cream seems to be working well--my breasts feel firmer to the touch and my bras are fitting better. Benefil won't increase your cup size, as it's not really a breast enlargement product. It's designed to produce collagen in the skin so that the appearance of your breasts is improved. Women who want larger breasts probably won't like Benefil, but it's great for toning and smoothing skin tissue.

Order in bulk for best deal

Vicki O., St. Cloud, MN

My cup size did not increase: to

I like Benefil for the most part; it really worked well in tightening my breasts and they look a bit larger as a result. I started out by ordering just one bottle so I could see how well the cream worked, and now I order Benefil in bulk supply because it's a much better deal. It's important to get your money's worth because the cream can run out fairly quickly if you use a lot at once.

Advertisement is kind of confusing

Doreen S., Paterson, NJ

My cup size did not increase to

I admit that I was a bit confused when I read the advertisement for Benefil. I got the impression that it was primarily a toning cream for the breasts, but some of the wording made it sound as though the cream might aid in increasing cup size as well. My biggest problem was saggy breasts, so I decided to order Benefil and see what it could do. I've been using it for about four months, and while it does seem to be improving the texture of my skin, it hasn't changed the size of my 34B breasts at all. The website could be worded a little better, but Benefil ended up being a good product for me.

Benefil works like a cellulite cream for breast tissue

Rochelle H., Cary, NC

My cup size did not increase: to

The best way to describe Benefil is to compare it to a cellulite cream for the breasts. It works by increasing collagen so that breast tissue becomes more elastic and toned. I like the product so far, but I have a feeling that it may take at least a few months for me to see any noticeable results. I think that Benefil is worth a try for women who wish that their breasts were more youthful and healthy looking.

One little bottle is pretty expensive!

Ashley J., Erie, PA

My cup size did not increase: to

If you want to order Benefil, be aware that a two-ounce bottle costs $45. I don't really think that the small amount of cream in the bottle is worth the price, considering that I ran out of the product in a few weeks' time. I know there are ways to order it in bulk supply, but I will probably just try another product altogether. Benefil really didn't do much to improve the appearance of my breasts--I hope that something else will!