Safe Breast Enhancement

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You probably have heard some of the horror stories involving breast implants. Although surgery has become less risky many women prefer to look for safe breast enhancement methods before going through the expense and anxiety of surgery.

These safe breast enhancement methods include creams or gels, pills, pumps and exercises. The creams and pills use herbs that mimic the effect and benefits of the female hormone estrogen. There is only one pump that is recognized by the FDA and that is manufactured by Brava. Exercise is used to build up the muscles in the breast area.

Safe Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enhancement pills are convenient and work by using natural herbal supplements that stimulate your breast area just like the female hormone estrogen – which prompts your body to produce more breast tissue. Some also use phytoestrogen, a plant derived compound, which also copies the effect that estrogen has on the female body.

The estrogen-like compounds found in breast enhancement pills are mild and will not have the adverse side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy. 

Within three to five months of using these pills you could increase your cup size by one to two sizes. Every woman is different so the pills could have varying affects on individuals.

Safe Breast Enhancement Creams

Breast enhancement creams work by delivering hormonal ingredients that activate the estrogen receptor sites in your breast, which then create more breast tissue. Again, these creams, as in the pills, are made up of mostly herbal and plant extract ingredients such as wild yam, black cohosh and kelp among others. Some breast enhancement creams also use L-arginine, which increases the body’s circulation by amplifying the production of nitric oxide.

You may want to try using the pills and the creams simultaneously. The creams work as a topical breast enhancement method that focuses on the breast area where you apply it, while the pills have the capacity to deliver more of the active ingredients that spur the body to build more breast tissue.

Based on our findings, we believe that the effectiveness of breast enlargement pills is real and deserves serious consideration for any woman seeking perfect female breasts.

Safe Breast Enhancement Pumps

As stated earlier, the Brava system is the only manufacturer recognized by the FDA – although there are dozens of other brands available. Pumps create a suction effect pulling your breasts outward. They are supposed to puff up the breast tissue by vacuuming fats and fluids into breast tissue cells causing them to expand and by expanding the mammary gland tissue to its fullest by stimulating a balanced natural hormone level.

Safe Breast Enhancement Exercises

While there are many breast enhancement exercises that you can do at home, such as push ups, bench press and chest flies, these exercises will only build up and tone your pectoral muscles. They do not increase the fatty tissue in your breasts.