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I was disappointed in Latavi

Brittany K., Montgomery, AL

My cup size did not increase: to

I had good expectations when I ordered Latavi because it seemed that the combination of pills and gel would work together to increase my breast size. Unfortunately, I didn't see much difference at all after using the product on a regular basis for a month. My breasts became a little more swollen, but not enough that I needed to buy a larger sized bra. I'm still an A cup, and I am going to try another product in the hopes that it will be more effective than Latavi was.

Not worth the price

Lauren T., Colorado Springs, CO

My cup size did not increase: to

I first heard about Latavi from a friend of mine who saw an advertisement. She knew that I had been wanting to try a breast enlargement formula, and thought that Latavi seemed like a good one. I took her advice and ordered a month's supply--it was pretty expensive but I wouldn't have minded as much if the results had been better. My breasts are still the same size they were before I tried Latavi--34B. They are firmer though, so at least I gained something from using the product.

Increase was only temporary

Nancy C., Macon, GA

My cup size increased from: to

Latavi did increase the size of my breasts, but unfortunately the changes were not permanent. I normally wear an A cup, and after I had been using Latavi for a while, I was fitting into a small B cup bra. I was perfectly happy with that amount of growth, but over time the swelling went down and my breasts looked no different than before I started the Latavi program. I didn't do anything differently when applying the gel or taking the pills, so I'm not sure why my results were only temporary.

A little pricey, but firms breast tissue well

Gayle A., Springfield, MA

My cup size did not increase: to

I read about Latavi online while I was looking for a natural product that would firm and tighten my breasts. I have four children, and my chest was so saggy and wrinkled that I tried to avoid looking at myself in the mirror whenever possible. I wear a C cup so I really didn't need to increase the size of my breasts, just the overall tone. Latavi did the job nicely--I can see a real improvement after a month of use. I do wish it was a little cheaper, though.

Great concept, but Perfect Curves works better

Meagan E., Carson City, NV

My cup size increased from: to

Even though I followed all of the directions when using Latavi, I didn't get the results that the advertisement had described. My breasts got a little fuller and rounder, but my bra size only increased from a full B to a small C. I liked the capsules and gel concept that Latavi offered, and I was happy to find out that Perfect Curves was the same type of system with a much better outcome. With Perfect Curves, I grew to a full C cup. I definitely preferred it over Latavi.