Male Breast Enlargement

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Male breast enlargement is a hot topic, becoming increasingly talked about. As more and more men become transgender or transsexual (abbreviated as TG or TS, or sometimes MTF for male-to-female), they seek to reshape their bodies. Breasts are the single most noticeable anatomical feature that distinguishes men from women. Therefore, men seeking to be more feminine must explore male breast enlargement techniques.

In the field of breast enlargement, men have the same basic options as women:

Additionally, men may choose to undergo hormone therapy to increase the feminization of their bodies.

Implants for male breast enlargement

Many of the same plastic surgeons who perform this surgical technique on women can do the same thing for men. In fact, many non-transsexual men have a similar type of breast enlargement performed to make their pectoral muscles look bigger.

Most men's bodies cannot support large increase in breast tissue -- at least not all at once. For men who want large breasts (bigger than a B cup), multiple surgeries will be required.

The downside of breast enlargement surgery is that it is expensive, potentially dangerous (as is all surgery), and takes several weeks to fully recover. Most men cannot afford the time and money required for breast enlargement surgery.

Non-surgical options for male breast enlargement

The non-surgical options for male breast enlargement are promising. The growth is more slow and subtle (so you don't have to worry about explaining this sudden growth to your co-workers or neighbors...). The options are generally less expensive. However, most non-surgical techniques will not be able to provide the same level of growth as surgery for male breast enlargement.

Brava breast enlargement system

The Brava system is FDA-approved. Unfortunately, it's actually more expensive than breast enlargement surgery. Results are slow and the device you have to wear 12 hours per day is just plain ugly.

Breast enlargement pumps

These devices are more novelties than anything else. Using vacuum suction, a breast enlargement pump draws blood into the breast tissue, creating temporary growth. Unfortunately, these brief gains slowly fade over the course of 1-2 hours. Breast enlargement pumps aren't suitable for permanent growth.

Herbal breast enlargement systems

There are a lot of herbal breast enlargement capsules and creams and tinctures on the market. Some of them are effective, some of them are complete junk. It's hard to tell the difference without trying them yourself.

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