Male Breast Implants

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While it's certainly true that most breast implants are performed on women, there are men who undergo this procedure as well. Transsexuals, transgender men and some female impersonators think male breast implants are the best way to improve their look. Interestingly enough, many straight men also undergo male breast implant surgery to create the appearance of muscle in the pectoral region.

Before you decide to undergo male breast implants, you should consult a surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will insure that you have realistic expectations, evaluate your health, and generally decide whether you're a good candidate for male breast implants.

Male breast implants: the procedure

The actual physical differences between male and female breast tissue is quite small. The main difference is simply the volume, or size, of the breasts.

In either case, the surgical procedure is identical. The surgeon makes an incision through the skin and slides an implant into the chest. Nearly all surgeons will insist on an implant of no more than one cup size larger than the current bust size. This is because the skin of the chest can't stretch too quickly to accommodate large breasts. So if you're dreaming of 34DD breasts, this will require multiple surgeries!

The implant scar can be placed in the armpit, or in the crease where the breast meets the chest. Either choice helps to hide the scar from observers.

Alternatives to male breast implants

Fortunately for men who want breast enlargement, the physiological similarities between male and female breasts mean that all the products designed for women work just as well for men.

The best options for male breast enlargement are the same as those for females: we recommend a top-quality natural breast enlargement system.

Natural breast enlargement systems are frequently disregarded. This is unfortunate, because vast amounts of historic and anecdotal data support the safety and efficacy of natural breast enlargement pills and creams. Check out the breast enlargement product reviews for recommendations on the most effective products.

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