Male Breast Enlargement Pumps

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Breast enlargement pumps used to be the dreamed-of miracle for men and women who wanted non-surgical breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement pumps aren't expensive, they're discreet and work in just a few minutes per day. What's not to like about that? Male breast enlargement pumps (usually the same models as used by women) were offered for sale to transgender and transsexuals who wanted natural, female-looking breasts.

However, breast enlargement pumps aren't all they're cracked up to be.

The downside of male breast enlargement pumps

Breast enlargement pumps aren't the most effective way to boost your bust. While it's true that applying negative pressure to your breast (or even, in the case of other types of pumps, to the genitalia!) draws additional blood into the tissue, making it larger, this enlargement is only temporary. Breast enlargement pumps only actually work for a few hours.

This type of product is no longer being developed. The pumps you find on the market are old brands.

There is one exception to this movement away from breast enlargement pumps: the FDA-approved Brava system. Although it's extremely expensive ($2500!) and must be worn 10-12 hours per day for results, it is an enlargement pump that provides permanent results.

So if pumps aren't so great, what are the better choices?

Male breast enlargement options

The main options for male breast enlargement are surgery and breast enlargement pills.

Breast implant surgery is a known quantity -- you can choose in advance the size and shape of your new breasts. It is also expensive, risky, and comes with potential side effects (like encapsulation and scarring).

Natural breast enlargement systems are frequently disregarded. This is unfortunate, because vast amounts of historic and anecdotal data support the safety and efficacy of natural breast enlargement pills and creams. Check out the breast enlargement product reviews for recommendations on the most effective products.

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