Clear Therapy Acne Treatment

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Few things are as annoying as the unwelcome and intrusive appearance of pimples just before an important meeting, a big date or that once-a-year prom. But that's when those ugly red zits seem to show up, isn't it? Clear Therapy is here to the rescue with a treatment protocol that will give you peace of mind. Whether it's a single nasty zit or a field red welts, Clear Therapy is the best treatment you'll find. It moisturizes as it kills harmful bacteria that cause acne, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. Extracts of chamomile and aloe help soothe your skin as the healing begins. Clear Therapy is a simple, twice-a-day treatment that won't cut into your busy schedule.

Clear Therapy Cleansing Face Wash

Clear Therapy starts with the basics by cleansing the face of everything that might prevent healing. Eliminating those zits can't happen if they're hiding behind layers of dead skin that occur naturally on the body. Clear Therapy begins by cleaning your face down to the newest, healthiest skin. The gentle lather leaves your face ready for Clear Therapy's treatment phase. Once the skin has been thoroughly exfoliated, you're already half done with this quick and easy regimen.

Clear Therapy Acne Treatment Lotion and Moisturizer

What makes Clear Therapy so effective is the double team of lotion and moisturizer. Key to the healing is benzoyl peroxide, which goes deep into the affected area and eradicates the bacteria that cause acne. This powerful antibacterial is like a heat-seeking missile, only its target is the acne that's caused you such grief. This forceful compound is balanced out by the soothing qualities of the lotion and moisturizer. Many other treatments overlook the need to coddle our skin during acne treatment, but Clear Therapy makes that an important part of its regimen. Too often acne treatments cause the face looking puffy and red. Clear Therapy, however, will leave your face looking better and better each day.

Clear Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Why is it, you've probably asked yourself, that one particular nasty zit picks the least convenient times to rise to the surface? It's never when you're sitting in your room cramming for finals or off on a week's vacation at Aunt Jennie's place. No, acne doesn't take into account your schedule when it arrives. That's why you should show no mercy to that obtrusive pimple that shows up so suddenly. And nothing is better for fighting back than Clear Therapy's spot treatment, which is designed for focusing on that troubled area while leaving the rest of your face untouched and glowing.

Does Clear Therapy Work?

Yes, Clear Therapy is simply the most effective acne treatment you can buy. Not only does it deliver a killing blow to zits, it also removes old dead skin that clogs up your pores and moisturizes new skin. It's formulated to narrow treatment to only the affected area of your face while leaving the healthy sections glowing.

Where to Buy Clear Therapy.

At the time of this writing, Clear Therapy wasn't available in the United States, but it will be in the near future. Look for Clear Therapy as the answer to problem acne that you possibly thought you'd never find.