Breast Enlargement For Men

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Breast enlargement for men works more or less the same way as breast enlargement for women. In this case, though, men's bodies don't supply adequate levels of estrogen and progesterone, so it's even more important to choose a good breast enlargement pill.

Why would men want breast enlargement? Not only men who are transvestites and/or transgendered, but also many straight men like the thought of having larger breasts and nipples. Breast enlargement pills can help to increase not only size but also sensitivity of breasts and nipples. Read more about Male Breast Enlargement.

Techniques for breast enlargement for men

breast enlargement for men

There are three main ways for men to get breast enlargement: breast implant surgery, hormone therapy and breast enlargement pills. We'll address each of these breast enlargement options in turn, weighting the pros and the cons of each. Ultimately the decision as to how you implement your male breast enlargement is up to you -- but do your homework and understand all your options before you make your decision.

Breast enlargement for men: breast implants

Men who want breast enlargement can go under the knife. Just like women, men can have silicon or salt water implants surgically inserted into their chests.

Pros: Men can choose exactly to what degree they want to enlarge their breasts. Shape can also be chosen. This is by far the most hands-on way to achieve breast enlargement.

Cons: Expensive. Requires multiple meetings with doctor and/or plastic surgeon. Weeks of down time while you recover from major surgery. Risks of surgery. Risks of broken/ruptured implants. Potential for loss of sensation. Potential for encapsulation (scar tissue building up around the implant).

Breast enlargement for men: hormone replacement

Most breast enlargement for men starts with hormone therapy. Men are prescribed relatively large doses of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. The use of these hormones helps to counteract the androgens produced by a man's body and begins to feminize the body -- reducing the amount of body hair, for instance, as well as initiating breast enlargement for men.

Pros: Non-surgical. A natural solution. Has other feminizing effects on the body (sometimes desirable).

Cons: Must be constantly maintained to be effective. Has other feminizing effects on the body (sometimes undesirable). Can be somewhat expensive. Prescription only.

Breast enlargement for men: breast enlargement pills

Breast enlargement pills work for men about the same way as they work for women. The male mammary glands can be encouraged to grow, and male breasts can be enlarged by increasing the production of breast tissue. Does it work? Yes, when you choose the right breast enlargement pill (or system).

Pros: No doctor involvement. No prescriptions necessary. Gradual results (you won't startle your friends). Enhanced sensitivity as well as size.

Cons: Gradual results -- up to 6 or as many as 12 months may be required to reach your full potential. You can't choose size or shape.

Breast enlargement pills put breast enlargement for men within every man's grasp. We highly recommend this breast enlargement solution. You can achieve your goals at your own rate, in the privacy of your own home, in a safe and effective way. Check out our breast enlargement pills reviews and choose the solution that's best for you.