Using Birth Control to Increase Breast Size

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Using birth control to increase breast size usually works but it also depends upon the woman and the type of birth control pill. The hormones estrogen and progestin are found in birth control pills and they usually lead to the stimulation of growth in your breasts.

The estrogen and progesterone in birth control pills could advance breast tissue growth and or fluid retention, making your breasts fuller and larger, but they may also become a bit tender to the touch.

The Pros of Using Birth Control to Increase Breast Size

Well the obvious answer is that if you use birth control increase your breast size the estrogen and progesterone will probably make your dreams come true. The larger the dosage of hormones will more than likely increase your breast size – but you should consult with your doctor.

The use of birth control to increase your breast size is also convenient and easy to use. You simply take the pill and let it work its magic.

The Cons of Using Birth Control to Increase Breast Size

Well, there is some bad news here. The possible side effects of using birth control are weight gain, fluid retention, mid-cycle spotting, headaches, mood changes and nausea. Another con is that when your partner finds out you are using birth control (especially if you are single and sexually active) they may not be so accommodating when it comes to wearing a condom.

What could be the biggest disappointment is that when you finally stop using the pill all of the desired effects usually disappear. There could also be some long term effects from using birth control that you should discuss with your doctor.

The Final Results of Using Birth Control to Increase Breast Size

In the end it’s really up to you. Many find that the half cup to one cup results of using birth control to increase breast size is not worth the many side effects. Other breast enlargement alternatives such as herbal breast enhancement pills help to regulate your hormones and increase breast size naturally.