Breast Enlargement: your options

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Thousands of American women seek breast enlargement every year. Considering our modern standards of beauty, and the fact that we're daily bombarded with images of women with large (sometimes improbably large) breasts, this is a completely understandable quest.

The purpose of this website is to give you objective information about your breast enlargement options.

Breast implants for breast enlargement

breast enlargement

Breast implants are increasingly common in our society. Despite the expense, the associated discomfort and risks of breast implant surgery, thousands of women elect to have this procedure performed each year.

Today's generation of implants are safer than ever before, with fewer instances of rupturing or other health risks. Learn more about breast implant surgery and types of implants.

Breast enlargement pills

You may have seen them on the shelf of the drugstore, or seen websites devoted to selling them. But do breast enlargement pills work or are they just another scam?

The short answer: yes, they really do work. Some work better than others, and they work better when combined with wild yam cream and breast enlargement exercises. The combination of these three tools can lead to a complete, non-surgical breast enlargement solution that costs far less than surgery.

Breast enlargement creams

Effective creams for breast enlargement contain either progesterone or phytochemicals (from plants) that mimic human progesterone. The effect of this hormone helps to balance the body's hormone levels, and stimulates growth of breast tissue.

Also, the simple mechanical act of rubbing a cream into the breasts encourages breast enlargement. Scientists don't understand why this works but they know that it does.

Pumps for breast enlargement

Inexpensive hand-pumps are widely sold online for breast enlargement. These devices generate vacuum pressure on the breast, drawing increased blood flow into the breast tissue and offering temporary (2 hours maximum) breast enlargement. These breast pumps can cause some unpleasant side effects but are generally harmless -- and useless for permanent breast enlargement.

The Brava breast enlargement pump is worn on the body for 10 hours per day. After 10 weeks, approximately 1/2 cup size will be gained. This gain is permanent - but Brava costs about $2500.

The future of breast enlargement

Soon, doctors may be able to offer breast enlargement without surgery on an out-patient basis. By injecting Macrolane into the breasts, doctors can increase volume without the risks associated with implants or surgery.

Unfortunately, Macrolane is not currently available in the US - but it's big in France.

Breast enlargement recommendations

Currently, we think the best option for affordable breast enlargement is a daily regimen of breast enlargement pills, cream, and exercises. Followed faithfully, with good-quality products, you will see results.

For those who aren't afraid of surgery, and can afford the cost, breast implants offer more immediate and precise results.