Breast Augmentation: Your Options

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Let's face it - nature can be stingy. Every year, thousands of American women who are unhappy with their appearance seek out breast augmentation. For some, body image has become a serious issue, diminishing quality of life.

Once the search for information on breast augmentation has begun, information overload can quickly set in. There are millions and millions of dollars spent every year on breast augmentation and hundreds of competing companies who want those dollars. There is so much disinformation and falsehood about breast augmentation options that it's easy to become confused and frustrated.

You've come to the right place. is devoted to offering you unbiased, objective information about breast augmentation and the various effective (and ineffective) options. Learn more and make your decisions wisely.

Breast augmentation surgery


Breast augmentation surgery, or mammoplasty, is the surgical placement of implants in the breasts or under the pectoral muscle. This type of breast augmentation is increasingly common in our society. In more image-conscious regions, like South Beach or Southern California, a large percentage of the female population has opted for breast augmentation surgery.

Hair-raising stories of surgery gone wrong, ruptured implants and chronic health conditions are still in circulation. But breast augmentation surgery is safer than ever, despite the risks of surgery, the painful recovery period and the likelihood of complications. And it's expensive - around $4000 and up for the procedure.

Breast augmentation pills

In recent years, a large number of herbal breast augmentation pills have been marketed under a variety of brands. Most people have dismissed them out of hand, despite their claims to help women safely and effectively increase their bust size.

Though it may come as a surprise to you, some breast augmentation pills really do help to tighten, tone and increase the size of the breasts. Learn more about breast enlargement pills.

Breast augmentation creams

Breast augmentation creams go hand-in-hand with the pills mentioned above. These creams contain progesterone or plant compounds that mimic this female hormone.

In the body, progesterone helps to balance the hormones and encourages breast tissue growth. Because the delivery system is topical, the delivery of the active ingredients is more targeted. And the physical act of rubbing the breasts has long been recognized as encouraging breast growth.

Learn more about breast augmentation creams.

Pumps for breast augmentation

There are two kind of pumps used for breast augmentation -- the fast-acting hand-held pump, and the Brava strap-on vacuum system.

The hand-held breast augmentation pump creates a strong vacuum pressure on the breasts, thus increasing breast volume by drawing blood from the body into the breasts. This engorgement is temporary (subsides within 2 hours). Excessive use of these devices can lead to broken blood vessels.

The Brava breast pump is a strap-on contraption that is worn 10 hours per day, for 10 weeks. After which the wearer can expect an increase in breast volume of about 100 cc's - about 1/2 a cup size. Read more about Brava here.

Non-surgical breast augmentation procedure

Swedish scientists have developed a dermal filler called Macrolane. Similar to the well-known facial filler Restylane, Macrolane was developed specifically for breast augmentation. Macrolane injections are an out-patient procedure requiring only a local anesthetic and 1-2 hours. Dramatic results can be achieved with very little recovery time.

There are two drawbacks - first, Macrolane injections aren't permanent. They are slowly absorbed by the body over the course of 1-2 years and must be renewed. Second, Macrolane hasn't made it to the USA quite yet.

Recommended breast augmentation solutions

We think the best course for breast augmentation is a daily regimen of high-quality breast enlargement pills, cream and breast enlargement exercises. This trio of therapies absolutely produces results. And if you aren't satisfied with the results you get, you can always pursue implant surgery.

For those who lack the discipline to follow a daily regimen, or who can afford the price tag and aren't afraid of surgery, breast augmentation surgery is always an option.